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Hygan Filter Solution

Hygan having its experience in overcoming air pollution control in the form of dust, fume, oil mist and oil smoke. Hygan cleans polluted air at its source. Source types such as :

We Have different Filter Unit for different dust, That designed for specific processes and application in the different industries. We focus on providing the best solution for your work environment to be clean and safe.

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Sales Design Engineering

Our Sales Engineers ensures that the products meets the customers goals and criterias

Survey, Design & Installation

We have highly experienced Engineers that specializes in many fields.

Product & Sparepart Supply

We ensure that the products runs 24/7 with spare parts availability

Existing Maintenance Service

We ensure that the existing products are well maintained with our custom plans

Improvement Services

Our engineers also provides further product improvements, if any. To provide better efficiencies

Our Products

Air Pollution Control

Polusi udara adalah sebuah kondisi dimana udara di lingkungan tercemar oleh partikel / kontaminant yang dapat membahayakan bagi tubuh manusia ataupun lingkungan.

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Industrial Vaccuum

Unit Vacuum digunakan untuk mengatasi debu yang jatuh ke permukaan ataupun material berat yang dihasilkan dari proses produksi seperti metal chip, dan wood chip.

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Piping & Ducting

Piping dan ducting adalah equipment yang memastikan udara kontaminant tertransfer ke cleaning device.

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Cleanroom Equipment

A cleanroom or clean room is an engineered space, which maintains a very low concentration of airborne particulates.

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Explosion Protection

Explosion protection is used to protect all sorts of buildings and civil engineering infrastructure against internal and external explosions or deflagrations.

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Air Purification System

Pada beberapa proses produksi, udara dibutuhkan untuk penggerak dan cleaning. Oleh karena itu, udara bersih menjadi kebutuhan pokok untuk proses tersebut.

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Expansion Joint & Composite Hose

Expansion Joint and Composite Hose are used extensively throughout many industries for a wide variety of applications including the conveying of materials and gases, mechanical protection, pipeline movement control and vibration absorption.

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Service & Spareparts Maintenance

We provide 24/7 customer support and a wide range of aftersales services. We do special retrofits, product improvement and on/off site maintenances. We also plan out special preventive maintenance cases for each of our products installed.

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