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Dust Suppression

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Dust Suppression

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Dust flying in the open air causes the suction of the dust collector to be ineffective, so it requires another treatment using a dust suppression.

Dust suppression is the application of liquid to restrict the airborne dissemination of fine particles.

Very commonly, this involves using strategically-placed atomising nozzles to spray a fine mist of water and surface active agents to capture airborne dust particles and bring them to the ground. Some dust suppressants are applied topically to sources of fly-away dust, preventing the dust from becoming airborne.

Fog Cannon

The HF Series fog cannon is device that produces a mist from water or another liquid. The mist is afterwards sprayed to the place of destination. It is used for dust suppression on bulk material landfills, in quarries and stone quarries, for cooling of material in foundries and steel plants, for waste recycling or during demolition and construction work. The device is mobile and can be moved from place to place.

Dual Quench

Dual Quench is a wheel-washing system effectively consists of an open platform over which vehicles are driven at slow speed. As the vehicle passes, powerful jets of water from the sides and below are sprayed on to the wheels and under chassis to remove mud, dirt and debris.

Save you labour cost

Dual Quench is operated itself, You don’t need to anybody who working at the entrance for washing! It means that you can save the labor cost!

Save you time & money

The necessary time for washing a truck is just 20 second! It means that you can save your money.

Air pollution prevention

It is one of the major problem for the resident living nearby construction field with construction noise and vibration. The scattering dust can inflict a considerable damage to physical, spiritual discomfort to neighboring people

Environments are kept clean

By Installing Dual Quench at your site, you can keep your site clean. And also, you can prevent what the road connecting your site is being dirty.