PT Hygan FIlter Indonesia

Industrial Vacuum

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Centralized Industrial Vacuum

Dual Quench is a wheel-washing system effectively consists of an open platform over which vehicles are driven at slow speed. As the vehicle passes, powerful jets of water from the sides and below are sprayed on to the wheels and under chassis to remove mud, dirt and debris.

Many Suction Point
Handle lot of operators
Reduce maintenance cost
Medium Vacum Series

HD Series for Central Vacum.

Medium Vacuum Series filter unit are specially designed for extraction and dedusting of dust with Capacity. Medium Vacuum  Series has a powerful blower with two impellers connected in series, capable of generating the extremely high vacuum levels necessary for sucking up very heavy materials, also from a distance or in sunken, difficult-to-reach areas. Medium Vacuum series have range capacity from 750 cmh up to 1350 cmh, It’s can handle 3-5 suction.

High Vacum Series

HV-Series filter unit are specially designed for extraction and dedusting of dust, fume and smoke where high velocity or high pressure loss extraction is needed.

HV-Filter Unit can be easily equipped with a different type of filter materials, depending on the industrial process. It is still delivered as a ready-to-operate (Plug and Play) Unit.

HV-Filter unit have Wide range capacity up to 3.500 cmh that equipped with a high efficient single or double stage blower depending capacity.