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Extraction Fan

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Extraction Fan

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To Move air in a ventilation or exhaust system, energy is required to overcome the system losses. Most system required some powered air moving device such as a fan. In a local exhaust system, the fan must overcome all the losses due to friction, hood entry, and fittings in the system while producing the intended airflow.

Generally, extraction fans are divided into 2 group :

Selection of an air moving device can be complex task and the specifier is encouraged to take advantage of all available information.

Axial Fan

Axial fans effectively and efficiently move high volumes of air to cool objects or ventilate spaces. They are available in almost any size from board level to room size, and they do not require a lot of power to operate, depending on size.

The airflow that axial fans deliver, however, is low pressure. This combination of low pressure with high volume airflow is ideal for cooling equipment and spaces as the airflow is evenly distributed in a defined area

Airflow 1.000 Cmh up to 200.000 Cmh, working pressure 100 Pa – 1400Pa, Suitable for Ventilation in industrial that connected with ducting.

Airflow 5.200 Cmh up to 76.000 Cmh, Working temperature -25oC +60oC, Suitable for Ventilation in industrial or commercial building.

Airflow 1.080 Cmh up to 90.000 Cmh, Working temperature -25oC +60oC, Suitable for Enviromental Ventilation in industrial building. 

Airflow 2.000 Cmh up to 19.000 Cmh. Long range with Thrust up to 160 N, Suitable for Tunnel Ventilation and air movement & CO extraction in car park.

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan designed to meet any kind of industrial application requirement. They are mostly installed in civil and industrial conditioning system, drying plant, paint booths, boilers, furnaces, industrial burners, gas treatment, material transportation, cement plant, explosive atmosphere ATEX, Oil&Gas and others.


Beberapa tipe Centrifugal Fan Hygan adalah :

Direct Drive. Impeller Fitted on motor shaft

Direct Drive. Impeller fitted on motor shaft, suitable for direct surface -mounting on separator, Filter, Etc.

Coupling drive. Fan shaft runs in anti friction bearing

Belt Drive. Fan shaft run in two anti-friction bearing, motor positioned laterally on an additional base frame made from sectional steel.