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Dust Collector

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Dust Collector

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A dust collector is an air purifier with a target for contaminants in the form of dust. If dust is not handled properly it can result in impaired worker health, visual impairment, reduced machine life. Various characteristics of dust require different treatments so that this equipment is more effective and efficient in its use.

Generally, the dust collector system is equipped with a cleaning system device to maximize its filtration efficiency. Cleaning system using pulse jet water is the most commonly used, namely by using compressed air pressure to clean dust that sticks to the filter. This system can function when the dust collector machine is running, so it does not interfere with the production process.

To ensure filtration efficiency, the Type of Filter and the Area of the Filter area used are important factors in the design and determination of the type of unit used. Dust Collectors can be broadly categorized into 2 types 

Bag FIlter Type

Dust Collector tipe Bag filter / Baghouse is a dust collector unit that is generally used at an industrial environment. Devided into 2 poducts.

  1. Able to adapt with high concentration of dust in the air
  2. Includes various cleaning process solutions that is adequate
  3. Doesn’t pollute the air which can cause air and land pollutions
  4. High Efficiency in dust collecting even with minute particulate debris
  5. Able to operate with different dust and air volumes
  6. Doesn’t need high power electricity components like Electrostatic precipitator.
  1. Area yang dibutuhkan lebih kecil jika dibandingkan dengan model Round bag Filter
  2. Mempunyai Holder bag filter pada bagian ujung filter, sehingga posisinya tetap saat proses cleaning
  3. Terdapat berbagai pilihan proses Cleaning yang sesuai
  4. Tidak beresiko menimbukkan pencemaran air dan tanah
  5. Efisiensi pengumpulan debu sangat tinggi, meski untuk partikulat yang sangat kecil
  6. Dapat di operasikan pada kondisi debu dan Volume alir yang berbeda beda
Cartridge FIlter Type

Catridge Filter type Dust Collector is a dust collector unit that uses a filter with filter folds on each side. Catridge Filter has a larger filter area compared to filter bag

Can handle air with higher dust concentration / Bulky

  1. There are various cleaning process options to suit
  2. Not at risk of influencing water and soil pollution
    Dust collection efficiency is very high, even for very small particulates
  3. Can be operated in different dust conditions and flow volumes
  4. It does not use too much Electrical Energy like an Electrostatic precipitator.
KAB Series

Small and medium capacity

AC Series

Medium and high capacity

PL Series

Specially for Plasma and Laser process